Level 1 Stats
FORD Pinto TR1
Ford Pinto

Buying Cost:

43 W7n Cash

Selling Price:

1.506 W7n Coin


171 W7n Power


5 W7n FuelRed


136 W7n Coin every 1 min.

Car Type:

Street Car W7n Street


Common W7n Common

Special Skill:


Dream job:

W7n DreamJob Chinese Restaurant
W7n BusinessJob Food

Ford Pinto


  • The Ford Pinto's default license plate is SUNNY.
  • The Ford Pinto is the first car that you may get in the game.
  • The Ford Pinto is unlocked at the beginning of the game.
  • The Ford Pinto can be bought at the Car Showroom.
  • The Ford Pinto can be found through Rusty's Car Rescue at location Suburbs, Downtown and East Bay.
  • The nameplate "Pinto" originates from the term for the distinctive white and solid pattern of coloration common in horses. Also its a portuguese-brazilian term for groin.

    Colors:Tan, Light Blue, Steel Gray, Canary Yellow, Red


PintoA Pintotown Pintorace

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